Tate M. Walker

Aerospace and Software Engineer. Passionate about digital privacy, automation, and developing meaningful applications to make others' lives easier.

What I Offer


Efficient and secure software development

Regular personal communication for increased productivity and clarity

App Design

General purpose app design for macOS, Android, iOS, Web

Data Science

Python-based research for big data. Analyze and report trends and findings


Let me create your custom website! Content designed to your specifications

Media + Branding

Creative expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro

My Portfolio

Custom Designs for a Wide Range of Needs

Focused development that takes advantage of modern security practices. Increase runtime and efficiency by excluding “bloatware” from my products. Front and back-end capabilities.


Trained to meet a wide range of needs

My mixed technical background allows me to approach projects from different angles. From design to development, I will deliver you a polished, professional product.

Media and Branding 65%
Data Science 85%
WordPress 50%
App Design 35%

Learn & Grow

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